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Beauty & Nature Together

Imagine a landscape filled with trees, plants, and flowers, including edibles and herbs, simultaneously enriching conditions for birds, beneficial insects, rainwater, and living soils. With expert knowledge, Convivial Landscapes specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of these ecologically healthy landscapes.

Convivial Landscapes provides environmental stewardship of your land. We take pride in creating beautiful landscapes that benefit wildlife; that conserve water; that don't rely on chemicals; and that bring joy to the people we work with.


Convivial Landscapes works with you and nature in mind.  Our ongoing relationships of trust with clients helps Convivial serve as both a reliable business in the service industry and an environmental steward ensuring beautiful and sustainable landscapes for years to come. 

About Ecological Landscaping

Ecological landscaping is an environmental science-based method of working with landscapes that considers the ecology of a site along with its aesthetic appeal. Ecology is the study of the relationships between living things, including humans, and their physical environment. Thus, ecological landscaping promotes responsible stewardship of landscapes, providing a healthy ecosystem that benefits all. Our landscapes can serve as thriving habitats to other living things, including birds, pollinators, and rich life in the soil. 

Convivial Landscapes creates these spaces enhancing urban and suburban properties in Metro Atlanta, contributing to the conservation and stewardship of land at a regional scale and creating natural sustainability for all life. As a growing national and global movement, Convivial is part of the Ecological Landscape Alliance, and implements certified wildlife habitats and sanctuaries for Atlanta Audubon Society and National Wildlife Federation.


An emphasis on ecology does not mean a landscape is less aesthetic. Because Convivial places an equal emphasis on the ornamental value of the landscape, our gardens provide both enjoyment and increase property value. It’s a win-win situation for beauty and biodiversity.

About Ecological Landscaping

Our People


L. Daniel Ballard is the founder and principal of Convivial Landscapes LLC. With over 13 years of experience in the green industry, he is an accredited organic land care professional (OLCP) with the Northeast Organic Farming Association.


Before founding Convivial, Daniel was the greenspace director with the Wylde Center in Decatur, Ga. And while teaching in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, Daniel honed his skills in urban gardening & farming from leading and teaching a student-based entrepreneurial start up. 


Daniel has a minor in biology with his BA from Mississippi College. He is a Mississippi native whose love of nature began in exploring woods, ponds, creeks, and farmland. A master herpetologist, Daniel loves to continually be observing and learning about the natural environment, especially insects and salamanders.

Our People

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We have had the most wonderful experience working with Daniel and crew! His depth of knowledge and design sensibility is unique. He knows our native south and knows how to nurture its beauties.
I’m an architect who used to do all my garden design. I was hesitant to trust another gardener’s eye, but Daniel has proved that our landscape is much better off in his hands.

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