About Our Services


As experts in ecological landscaping, we offer consultations to those looking to overcome landscaping challenges in their gardens.  During a Convivial Landscapes consultation, we will immerse in your landscape, taking you through an educational walk on-site discussing sunlight conditions, drainage, plants, biodiversity, soil, design goals, and more.  Expect to learn in detail about your landscape, as it currently exists, as well as how it may develop. During the consultation, we will get to know you and circumstances that could affect your property, such as your lifestyle and ability to maintain the space.  Consultations are the required first step to begin working with Convivial Landscapes and lead into the next phases of design, installations, and/or maintenance services.  


Cost: $125/hour (can be used as a credit towards a project with Convivial Landscapes, which may follow the consult.) 



Convivial Landscapes has built its reputation on creating beautiful, environmentally friendly landscape designs.  During the design phase, we will review our observations of your site from the consultation, as well as your personal wishes, and apply it to providing a visually appealing and ecologically thoughtful approach for your individual landscape.  We will work with you to create a garden that works within your budget, and create a phased approach as needed with larger projects. The design will include a hand-drawn sketch of the landscape, as well as recommendations on native plant selections and other landscaping elements. 


Cost: Design minimum of $150



Convivial Landscapes has more than seven years experience in building gardens that are beautiful while also enhancing the ecosystem.  We put an emphasis on excellent quality with all our employees being well trained and managed onsite. When we commit to a project, we ensure your satisfaction with consideration of your property and by serving as stewards of the land.  Once installation is completed, we pride ourselves in follow up communications ensuring your success as you maintain our work. Your garden is in trusted hands when you work with Convivial— we work with you and nature in mind. 


Cost: Project minimums of $1,000



Convivial Landscapes offers an outstanding maintenance service to ensure that your property is kept in top shape for your enjoyment, as well as the habitats it’s providing.  Our maintenance services consist of two visits per month, approximately every two weeks, twelve months a year. Services consist of turf care (mowing, edging, weed eating, and blowing), perennial/shrub/tree care. Any additional materials provided are extra cost, such as organic fertilizer or mulch.


Each visit, we continue to manage the ecological development of biodiversity on-site for birds and pollinators, including maintaining feeders and habitats.  


Refreshing mulch is typically done once a year in January after all the leaves have fallen. During leaf season, fallen leaves are left on the property and placed appropriately in borders to become leaf litter soil.  Mulching is considered an extra service and billed separately. 


Cost: Starts at $250 a month for two maintenance visits per month


Irrigation, Rain Water Harvesting, & Drainage

In ecological landscapes, water is life; however, landscapes can have issues when they have too much or too little.  Convivial Landscapes are experts in rainwater harvesting, as well as drainage.


Harvesting rainwater is a way to collect the run-off water in order to save it for future use.  The practice is recommended for irrigation during those dry summer months when plants need extra water to thrive or for those that maintain vegetable or fruit production.   Harvesting water is eco-friendly since it reduces storm run-off and helps conserve water, but also budget friendly, as it doesn’t impact your water bill like using a hose. Rainwater is also better for landscapes since it doesn’t contain chemicals.  Our solutions include setting up rain barrels for collection at gutter downspouts, to dry and wet systems for collecting larger amounts of water. We create individualized solutions that fit your property and its water needs.  


The flow of water is very important to the overall landscape, but also the stability of the property.  Drainage problems on a site can lead to foundational issues in homes, as well as erode beneficial soil and destroy habitats.  Convivial Landscapes builds thoughtful resolutions to water challenges by identifying areas of issue and engineering site-specific solutions.  Whether installing French drains, rain gardens, dry riverbeds, or bio swells, it is our aim to funnel water to an appropriate and safe place on or off the property while being considerate of the overall environment.  Taking a complete look at the property, we work to build the best solution for the site with particular care to not over-engineering a solution that will create greater water issues elsewhere.  


Cost: Project minimums of $TBD



Convivial Landscapes is capable of handling any type of landscaping project on your property. From specialty pruning to hardscaping, as well as yard clean ups or building out playscapes, our team can provide the knowledge and expertise to get the job done.  Rest easy letting our experts tackle your project list.  


Cost: Project minimums of $1000


Convivial Landscapes specializes in creating educational gardens and landscapes that provide a space to teach both children and adult environmental education.  These spaces are place-based and can serve to showcase wildlife habitats, food webs, biology of plants, water cycles, microorganisms and soil health, or even be used to demonstrate how to grow and care for plants. 

Since 2016, Convivial Landscapes has collaborated with Atlanta Audubon Society creating schoolyard habitat landscapes for STEM-based programming in Atlanta Public Schools.  In addition, we've worked with Drew Charter School's Elementary Campus and Laurel Ridge Elementary School with their Outdoor Learning Courtyards, assisting with design and upkeep, as well as educational staff and support.  We also partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta on their eat-cook-grow programing and urban farming.

In addition to building out these gardens, the Convivial team has years of experience conducting educational workshops or hands-on classes when needed, equipping teachers and staff to excel in exciting, STEM-based environmental education.


Cost: Project minimums of $TBD